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Improve the Motor Skills of School Children!

Paeyball will help you in a unique way

Improve the Motor Skills of School Children!

Children love fun activities

Fun Sport for Schools.

Paeyball is an innovative sports equipment with a multifaceted impact on the proper development of school children.
And children love it. Because they have so much fun.

The game provides a lot of enjoyment and requires a lot of customization from the players, as the unpredictability of the game requires quick decision-making and precise movement responses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a crisis in the physical and motor development of children.

Decline in School Children's Motor Skills.

Measurements of children’s physical and motor development carried out in more than a hundred primary schools (in more than 20,000 school children) show that the restrictions on physical activity during the pandemic left significant consequences for schoolchildren.

Decline in key factors in school children:

Overall Locomotor Efficiency
Body Coordination
Proportion of Obese Children

Decreased motor efficiency is reflected in the deterioration of the immune system, resistance, and decreased attention of children in class.

The most frequent decline was found in 9-, 10- and 11-year-olds, who are among the most physically active children involved in the most interesting sports activities in schools and extracurricular sports activities.

The analysis was performed by SLOfit, Slovenian National Surveillance System for Physical and Motor Development in Children and Youth.


A Playful Way to Progress.

Proper sports development through the holistic development of motor skills. Get started now!

A pleasant experience of sports

Encouraging joy in sports activities and developing a sense of satisfaction in mastering the body and expressing oneself with movement.

Education by play

Laying the foundations for the evaluation of sports, developing perseverance, self-confidence, promoting tolerant and friendly behavior in the group and following the rules.

The method of competition and play

Most effective methods in learning the sport. Playing against an opponent and playing doubles encourages adjustment and cooperation.

Play utilises different body parts

Playing with different parts of the body, both the left and right side, affects the anatomical and functional strengthening of the connections between the hemispheres.

Acquiring various forms of sports skills

Getting to know the basic positions of the body, getting to know, and handling the ball, gaining various movement experiences with the elements of ball sports.


The unpredictability of the game requires quick decision-making and precise movement responses.
Physical Education tutorial video

How to use Paeyball in the Process of Physical Education.


Coherent Development of Motor Skills.

Several different sports combined into a serious and fun activity.

Cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor development through relaxed expression and gaining motor experience.

Positive impact on the proper development of sports through the holistic development of motor skills (coordination, speed, mobility, balance).

Practice can be adjusted according to the ability of everyone: exercises for beginners, advanced exercises, demanding exercises.

Complementary training to improve motor skills and technical-tactical skills for children who train in sports.

It promotes socialization, a healthy lifestyle, and a relaxed way of discouraging children from technological addiction.

Playing in a sitting position is a very suitable form of sports activity, with a positive impact on the social, cognitive, and physical development of children with disabilities and the disabled.

A great way to have fun recreation and relaxation for school staff as well.


Anywhere, Anytime...

Paeyball can also be used during breaks, extended stays, sports days, school in nature ...

The sports expert confirms the usability

Samo Masleša

Doctor of Kinesiological Sciences, Professor of Physical Education, Coach, Researcher, Writer

Compact dimensions, fully foldable and portable as a suitcase

Sustainable Inspired Innovation

The product offers quality, sustainability, and indoor and outdoor enjoyment. Anti-UV water-resistant bamboo desktop and a stable light aluminium frame.

Sport Experts Testimonials

What a fun game! It can also be used for sharpening attentional and concentration mental skills.

Dr. Becky Clark

Mental Sports Performance Coach, USA

I had a chance to try Paeyball already in the test phase and I was thrilled. It strongly encourages the activation of available motor potential, creativity, and personal development.

Toni Pintarič

Professor of Physical Education, and Sports Coach, Slovenia

Paeyball provides a great form of exercise to improve hand-eye coordination as well as proving a social aspect when playing with others. It also looks like a lot of fun!

Natasha Coates

Elite Disability Gymnast, British Champion, United Kingdom