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A Unique Way to Improve the Motor Skills of Young Athletes.


A Unique Way to Improve the Motor Skills of Young Athletes.

Paeyball is an innovative sports equipment that has a multifaceted impact on the proper development of young athletes.

The game provides a lot of fun but keeps the player working hard, as the unpredictability of the game requires quick decision-making and precise movement responses.

It incorporates play, fun and a focused approach into the training process.

It incorporates play, fun and a focused approach into the training process.


Coordination, Speed of Reactions and Balance.

Find out how to use Paeyball in your sports training!

Watch the full tutorial video:

A new approach to sports training

The Smarter Way to Progress.

Enjoy the game as you progress as an athlete! Add a new dimension to the training process.

Methods of competition and play

The most effective methods in developing athletic skill. Playing against an opponent and playing doubles encourages adjustment and cooperation.

Impacts and effects

Direct impact on the cognitive and mental development and the ability to think and plan tactically.

Play utilises different body parts

Playing with different parts of the body, both the left and right side, affects the anatomical and functional strengthening of the connections between the hemispheres.


The unpredictability of the game requires quick decision-making and precise movement responses.

Game diversity

The game enables dynamic execution, but it also significantly affects the ability of kinesthetic differentiation (shock-absorbing).

More demanding training

The ever-changing game requires the player to constantly think and adapt. This improves the sense of timing and increases the amount of information that the brain must process and coordinate into a motor response in a short space of time.

Transfer of Knowledge to Primary Sports.

Transfer of learning within the same group of basic motor skills, between different sports, within sport.

The concept multi-sporting: Training of several different sports at the same time, which contributes to the expansion of the motor base, greater motivation, less local congestion, and fewer injuries.

Sports activities (including various sports) that are selected to contribute to better development within the selected sport and to increase greater flexibility.

Visual information is mapped into the primary sport: The transmission of sensory awareness, pattern recognition, spatial awareness, decision making, and transferring tactical ideas.

Transfer of motor skills: agility, balance, stabilization, hand-eye coordination, mobility, strength and speed, and endurance.

Discipline, work habits, self-control, the ability to react to stressful situations, the feeling for others, accepting victories and defeats, respecting teammates, opponents, and the referee, reacting to mistakes. It is also great for improving cardiovascular health.

Concept Transfer between Sports that have Similar Rules, Guidelines, or Technical Elements.


Knowledge to Acquire.

The varied exercise provided by the Paeyball encourages the generalization of knowledge and its use in unpredictable and unknown circumstances.

01. Development of Motor Skills

Development of a wide range of key motor skills. Coordination in both the eye-hand and eye-foot relationship is strengthened as well as the feeling of placing the body in space, the speed of reactions, or the performance of rapid alternating movements.

02. Development of Coordination Skills

Flexibility, the ability to maintain balance, the ability to combine or movement synchronization, kinaesthetic differentiation, spatial perception, responsiveness, ability to perform movement in rhythm.

03. Development of Balance

Influence on the development of balance, especially in foot bounce when the player must shift the center of gravity of the body and chase the balance position on one leg.


Work Smart. Have Fun.

No More Boring Warm-Ups

Contact with the ball also when warming up before exercise and cooling down after exercise.

10 Minutes Warm-Up with Paeyball

Warm-Up Metrics Example

Average Heart Rate (bpm)
Average Cadence (steps/min)
Average Pace (min/km)

Increase Self-Confidence.

Rehabilitation after Sports Injuries

A friendly way to overcome the fear of injury, increase self-confidence and maintain physical fitness.

The sports expert confirms the usability

Samo Masleša

Doctor of Kinesiological Sciences, Professor of Physical Education, Coach, Researcher, Writer

Compact dimensions, fully foldable and portable as a suitcase

Sustainable Inspired Innovation

The product offers quality, sustainability, and indoor and outdoor enjoyment. Anti-UV water-resistant bamboo desktop and a stable light aluminium frame.

Sport Experts Testimonials

Looks fun and something that would appeal to the soccer community.

Kerry Smith

Soccer Coach, USA

Your project is very interesting and opens new opportunities and adventures in athletic training.

Enrico Cervella

Strenght and Conditioning Coach, Italy

Awesome product! I am happy to see you’re putting so much effort into it.

Balder Ed Berckmans

Fitness & Performance Coach, The Netherlands