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Transfer the concept of the game between Paeyball and football, which have similar guidelines and technical elements.

Learning the technique

Hitting with a smaller ball than a soccer ball contributing to greater accuracy of the shot.

Different kinds of training

Parallel training | The essence of parallel training is the implementation of sports activities, which require similar movements and preparedness as target sports.
Additional training | Acquisition of touch finesse, speed, and reflexes. Proper movement and coordination.
Relaxation training | Relaxation and fun in free time while maintaining contact with the ball.

Heading the ball

Gaining proper technique and better feeling when hitting the head. Overcoming the fear of brain and head injuries. US Soccer ban heading the ball for children over fears of concussion and head injuries. Paeyball is a perfect substitute.


Training of football goalkeepers to improve the technique and speed of the hands and strengthen the synchronization of the work of the hands and feet, mobility, speed, and coordination.

Tutorial video: How to use Paeyball in the process of practicing football