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Racket sports

Transfer the concept of the game between Paeyball and racket sports, which have similar guidelines and technical elements.

Learning the technique

Learning the technique of hitting with the hands helps to better feeling and increase the accuracy of hits in the primary sport. The feeling of the ball is transferred to the racket.

Playing with both hands

In Paeyball, the ball can be hit with the left or right hand, and all types of hits from the primary sport can be used (including forehand, backhand, volley, smash, and slice). Playing with the left and right hand affects the part of the brain that receives information from the environment and is responsible for providing sufficient action potential, attention, and decision-making.

Different kinds of training

Parallel training | The essence of parallel training is the implementation of sports activities, which require similar movements and preparedness as target sports.
Additional training | Acquisition of touch finesse, speed, and reflexes. Proper movement and coordination.
Relaxation training | Relaxation and fun in free time while maintaining contact with the ball.

Fast paced game

The high dynamics of the game increases the speed of reactions, which is a very important element in sports and is an excellent transferrable skill.

Tutorial video: How to use Paeyball in the process of practicing racket sports